Tuesdays with Joe and his Senior Wellness Gang

Seniors helping Seniors

Joe Rahim, a Fiji Canadian, 82 and full of light and sprite was my host at Burnaby’s Wellness Centre in the city of Vancouver.  Every Tuesday, he along with other therapists come to this venue for two hours of treatments, laughter and love shared among the seniors.

By 10 am the hall was full of 70 plus people and there was a cheery introduction by Lulu and a session on ‘What to make of computer devices’ – a funny yet informative session on how to link up with friends and share wisdom on blogs.  At the other end were 8 chairs set up for healing practises with four healers practising a range of therapies- energy work, qigong, massage, pranic healing.  Anne, 79, spoke of her love for this session and has been feeling far less pain in her back since she began a few months back.

Om, another Fiji Canadian enjoys having a way to serve the community after she retired from Teaching.  The mood is upbeat as it has a club like feeling with a lunch put together.  Friends catch up and connect.  Car rides are shared.  Notes exchanged on family affairs and everyone goes back after four hours healed and happy.

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