The Golden People

Bunny and Jug Suraiya: Words, wine and travel

Sometimes a mersmerizing interview comes along- I met Bunny and Jug yesterday and much after it was over, a cloud of forgotten words hung over me.  Language can be a drug and one gets a good fix with them.  Their travels through the world are filled with stories that keep you wanting more.  They shared secrets of togetherness, growing old and bold with wise notes and humour…

Bunny edits a wine magazine- Sommelier, Jug writes two columns for Times of India that are like heirloom seeds- always sprouting perspectives with wit and humour… we feel JS nostalgia together (Junior Statesman was a magazine like no other)… Bunny gave Jug’s last page the name Rear Window and I as a teenager lapped it up.  Both have found a wonderful life filled with books, travels (even as i write this Bunny is reporting la dolce vita from the skies)

Recently when Bunny wrote her novel – Calcutta exile – it was Jug who gave it the title.

That’s the way good partnerships work.

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