The Golden People

Self and Selfie: Raghu Rai

As legends go, Raghu Rai is relaxed, smiles a lot, has a penetrating gaze and really looks at you when he speaks.  The first thing i noticed was his spine- straight and youthful.  He is almost 75.  The last time we had shot together was in 1986 and yesterday he looked the same. Just some new grey hair.

Watching him circle his work table, took me back to him bounding through Lodi Gardens on a misty January morning, 32 years ago – where he shared his passion for photography- every day of his life spent freezing the defining moments. The spring in his walk is the same, so is the light in the eyes.

He feels he lives far more deeply in the moment now than back then.  I loved his reply to my first interview question- How much time do we have?

He smiled –  As long as it takes.



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