Reset to Nature: Week One

Natural beauty

Nature cure is my fresh attempt to heal my inflammation issues as I have grown very skeptical about allopathy (steroids and cortizone had not healed my lichen planus in years)  and homeopathy and ayurved have not shown positive results.  The diagnosis appears to be extreme and chronic toxemia which is erupting on the skin.  This week has been challenging here- I am finding an indifference of the staff and treatment methods- very little communication from the doctor though since my complaints and threat of leaving, things are improving.    Last night the doc actually shared an amazing fact about the cells in our body- that each one of these microscopic DNA hold 700TB data per gram and can transfer it at the speed of 25 GB!  His source was a teacher in Kaivalyadham- but I just found a Harvard study to support this… how amazing is this body!

Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram

The digital detox – being off the phone and internet grid- can be harder than fasting.  Initially I felt like a jail bird with the whole world with its fun, information and connection locked away inside the phone.  I found myself not thinking clearly without wanting to reach for the phone… but over the week the digital hunger is also reducing.

I began spending a fair amount of time drawing and painting, listening to Osho on Japji sahib, writing a diary and taking treatments (one involved being lathered with red mud with stones and being left in a half built room with no water to wash off- scampered muddily to my room two floors below leaving a red trail and messed the whole bathroom in a clean off effort- the other time i am asked to take enema standing up- the laws of gravity being unknown to the therapists)…

Meanwhile the highlights-


Pretty much a corner stone of Nature cure- the doc advises 20 mins of exposing as much of the body as possible to the sun – two hour after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset.  On the terrace a screen has been set so that i can go near nude for sunbathing but the sun is behind clouds with impending monsoon.  He mentioned that the sachets we take for vit d are barely 10 percent absorbed by the body.


I must admit that they graduate you into fasting really slowly- so after 2 days of light cooked meals (veg stew and iddiappams) and herbal juices- it was raw for a day and then herbal drinks and coconut water only- I get about five such drinks in the day and hunger is mild now and then.  Nothing like the massive black hole variety the first time I fasted with Nandini. Infact today (day 3 of juice fast) is feeling good- my body may have begun feeding off ketones but energetically I am feeling light and cheerful.

The real self healing lies in fasting:  Yoshinori Oshumi won the Nobel prize in 2016 for his work in autophagy- a process in which cells clean up the shit accumulated over the years… autophagy and rest are the tools of nature cure…  well I am testing his theory for sure.

Water Therapies

Lots of cooling the body stuff goes on everyday- from wet towels on belly and head to lying in tubs to spinal baths…. just immersing in water for 20 minutes is treatment taken quite seriously.  I do feel less ‘hot’ specially my feet feel like wearing socks now and then…

Mud Therapies

I have had two sessions so far- both with red mud with tiny pebbles- the treatment minus the poor administration of it, felt good. the skin was soft and smooth the whole day- i kept caressing it all day.  This is something i want to figure a way of doing back home too.

Among the herbal drinks I love the one with wheat grass, coconut water and a touch of jaggery.

On day 6 the lip is slightly better – the skin leaning into the mouth is healing- the outer lip is about the same but less itchy and painful.

As the staff attitudes and treatments are improving I am hopeful of completing one long fast (10-15 days) here before moving to one of the two alternative places I found- one involves a very attractive cliffside beach.  More as we go along….




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    Lavleen Riar
    May 21, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Awesome Bulbul, you’re taking the negative with the positive very well, also part of the healing journey. Acceptance is am amazing life lesson. Lots of love coming your way from your well wisher across the oceans.

  • Reply
    Nandini Gulati
    May 22, 2017 at 3:12 am

    I learnt so much from reading your blog. Will try to get 20 mins of sun on naked body. I wish you total and complete healing and a transformed relationship with your body and yourself! Lots of love.

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