Of Fasting & Fantasies: Week 2

The herbal juices fast ended after five days and water fasting began this week. A�Perhaps the gradual move made the hunger pangs mild and manageable. A�I could do yoga till day 3 and then the energy started dipping. A�By day 5 I could only lie in bed. A�Interestingly the thirst was extreme- i think i was drinking a glass of water every half hour. A�My digital fast was less successful- time loomed and i wanted to watch movies and documentaries – netflix saved the day. A�Sleep also increased- On day 5 I think i slept the whole day and the whole night! A�I must share that the days of herbal drink fasting had me quite buoyant and active. The quality of inner life changes too- more self reflective.

Somewhere on Wednesday/thursday food became an obsession- not to consume it but to savour it in my head- I must have gone to a hundred recipe sites, restaurant in Fort Cochin (where i move tomorrow), painted vegetables and wrote recipes i like in my new raw vegan recipe book. A�There is a restaurant called Primate that serves raw vegan- i must have looked at its food another 100 times! A�I fantasised cooking and experimenting, going to some restaurants and dreamt of eating mangoes. A�I will correct that to organic mangoes.

Breaking the fast yesterday was a decision to leave this place- its morbid and soul less place- almost no one once asked me how i was during the fast… the doctor comes if called and wants to leave as soon as she can… and then i found a beautiful place in Fort Kochi for three nights that came at the price of one day here! A�That nailed it.

My gains

I have lost 6 kgs, my lip is mending (half of it has new skin) but astonishingly it is my lichen planus tongue that has healed the most. A�This is delightful- will i be able to eat chillis in the future- quite likely. A�Not that i miss it so much but its just convenient when i am socialising. A�My skin is glowing and a lot of the chubbiness is gone.

The other great revival is doing jal neti (pouring water through one nostril and it trickling from the other) – mildly painful at start, it has given me a new breathing apparatus- i find i am breathing more air and it feels light. A�Yoga claims the maximum nerve ending are in the nostril and jal neti clears up the toxins clogging the passages. A�Breaking the fast has also cleared up the foul breath i had every morning.

The highlight of the week- eating Mangoes last evening. Despite the pesticides that left an after taste. Thats how clean my palate is.

The learning of the week- fasting can be done at home with a fasting companion- it does not need a clinic. A�Looking back at the fast with Nandini- it was so much more enjoyable. A�Also learnt about the advantages of wheatgrass juice why they give every morning.

Next week- I will be in Fort Cochin and Varkala where I have rented a room in a cliffside villa overlooking the sea. A�I hope to make and experiment with raw vegan and take some nature cure treatment on my own.

There will be pictures for sure- even the journey to Varkala is picturesque I am told. A�The pic accompanying this post is of Fort Cochin beach with its Gulmohar trees.


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    May 28, 2017 at 2:08 am

    Wonderful! Too bad about the nature cure centre though, just send them blessings, maybe they just don’t know any better.
    Enjoy your new destinations!

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