Walks and worsenings: Week 3

Health is not an easy kite to fly.

All the gains of fasting are diminishing rapidly: starting with the lip and then the tongue.  Infact the lip is back to status quo.  The first insight i gained is that food is the allergen, given that i introduced it into my body last Sunday.  One of the first cooked food given to me was a wheat dosa- the likelihood that i am allergic to wheat is strong.  Over the week as i travelled through fort Kochi and varkala, the kinds of foods eaten varied- I tried to stay raw with salads but did have shrimps and rice twice.  Have been wheat free before this journey too and cant report an improvement.

Varkala has a Govt Nature cure hospital right by the beach- nice doctor willing to admit me but the shared space in wards and hygiene issues just made me step back.  I seem to be unable to find my rough traveller bone.

Today being Ekadashi, I am going on a fruit fast followed by a water fast.   My stress levels are really low in Varkala- there is good vibe where i am.  I have spoken to three naturopathic doctors and they all are selling me some treatment or retreat and currently I am not inclined to try.  The week ahead is going to be seeking answers within.  I hope to speak to my body and get some answers- do yog nidra, yoga and meditations and long walks.

This has been a week of long walks- the sea and the Janardhan temple make for delightful trails.  As was fort Kochi.  Walking and breathing the sea air and connecting with the body more deeply.  Keep life simple this coming week.  Being a sleuth in search of inflammation triggers is my job.


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