Exploring Enervation : Week 6

I had an interesting meeting with a Naturopathic doctor at the Varkala Nature cure hospital- the waiting list here is for months – and Dr Mercy answered the question that has dogged me: Why after four decades of perfect health (barring bouts of lichen planus) did my health collapse in the 5th decade- hyperthyroidism, diabetes, aggressive lichen planus, exfoliating chelitis, digestive troubles… like a real pack up.

His answer was Enervation – the exhaustion of the nervous system- an accumulated fatigue from years of sensory overload and mental and emotional excesses…. it really made me look at my life. A�The parts that were most exciting- all that travel, reading, eating, conversations, adventures, working hard, research…. all that which made life so colorful and entertaining had actually drained and sapped the nervous system and now my body is trying hard to stay together. A� Toxic build up is slow and disease only shows up after the body’s fight against toxemia fails. A�Interestingly all the body is asking for healing is-

Fasting: A healing fast must also be rest from sensorial, mental and physical exertions. A�Freed from constant processing of food, drinks, thoughts and environmental toxins, the cells work toward pending jobs: cleaning up the dead materials, germs, toxins… releasing them, releasing mucus, fat, healing damaged tissues, fight infections and waste management.

Rest: A�Deep relaxation is a skill to learn- sleep is a minimal rest… dream filled sleep actually does not give much rest. A�Deep relaxation can come from a range of activities: A�Pranayam, meditation, massage, slow conversations, mindfulness….

Free Expression of disease: A�We have a tendency to suppress disease- the body is actually healing itself through the expression of disease- the phlegm, the fever, the loosies are all eliminating toxins so we defeat the body by medicating the symptoms away.

Will to heal:A� This along with inner peace help to release disease. A�One needs to look at subconscious programming that holds on to the disease. Yet a clear decision to heal will support the cells in doing the natural healing.

I am now at the Sivanand Ashram at Neyyar Dam and it surely provides the perfect atmosphere for healing. A�The forest surrounding the ashram and the breezy open areas are perfect for me to look within, know my body…. I notice all the staff lead rhythmic lives here, something rare in urban life…. the stresses of modernity are intense.

I hope we will look at our lives afresh from the enervation perspective. A�Minimalism come to me as one solution- limiting one’s consumption of food, materials, thoughts, ambitions and striking a balance of rest and activity.

My study into stress, disease and nature cure continues!

Lip- slight deterioration

Tongue- more improvement

(this may be from cooked food- the ashram has healthy food – lots of veggies but a lot of it is cooked and i am massively tempted)

A new moon fast is helping restore some balance as is the yoga, jal neti…

Coming up next- Panchkarma!





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