Panchkarma and Pathayam : Week 7

It’s been a good week of healing: my tongue which had oral lichen plants since moma��s passing, has almost healed- the central groove on the tongue is there but the colour and texture has normalised and I fully appreciated it when i accidentally took a spoon of chutney with green chillies and had no reaction- not snivelling, no tearsa��no discomfort.

The lip too is better – less scabbing and not as tender.A� purchase noroxin antibiotic I am sure it is a cumulative effect of all the weeks and now having begun Panchkarma, I am more confident of returning home much better.

At Sivanand Ashram

Panchkarma, so far has been an hour of dry powder body scrubs and steam – some meds for the lip and some bitter drinks.A� The food (unlike the ashram meals- which also i was overeating!!) is completely oil free, almost no spices but wonderfully tasty to me.A� The other northern indians hated the food – we get two meals and i am somewhat over eating still.A� My focus is to be slower with every bit and fully attentive.A� Silence while eating is an ashram rule but most people are addicted to talkinga��A�

I can’t praise this place enough.A� Set in a forest with a lake, it is breezy all day long.A�A beautiful rhythmic life – a yoga vacation as its called.A�It will be hard to return and not have this clean air and peace and greenery.A� Everything looks and feels naturala�� yoga is getting better in tiny waysa�� wonderful lectures and a kindness i have not experienced in other ashrams. A�The place is efficiently run by Nataraj, a South African volunteer who also gives wonderfully simple talks on Yoga. A�For the first time I am not so engaged in people and conversations but soaking in the energy of this place.

Fridays are the day off: I went to trivandrum to see this naturopathy restaurant- Pathayam- of course i over ate- all food is organic, fresh and lightly cooked if not raw.A� In the thali i ordered half the food was raw- two salads, three chutneys and the four drinks – raw payasam, wheatgrass juice, an interesting bitter drink with a twist of jaggery and a mango drink.A� Despite ordering 7 different things, my bill was 225!








I decided to take a short tour of the kitchen which became one long learning session- they dry roast and steam the cooked items- no oil, no heavy spices.A� Lovely big steaming colanders, copper cooking vessels and stone grinders- the staff looked ethnic and professional- big mammas who wrap the pastes in banana leaves and create delicious concoctions.

I salute the person who started this place.A� May his tribe grow.

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