Healing lessons: Week 8


With Panchkarma, my journey into healing in kerala ends – now to carry the lessons into Life with Old patterns and addictions! My lip is near healed, tongue even more so, digestive track is at ease and skin still feels softer. A�I lost 11 pounds despite overeating a lot. A�Yoga and pranayama are becoming a part of morning routine.

What I really want to share with you is the lessons I learnt on this trip:

1. A�Our cells are smarter than we are: A�Freed from digestive stress and with detoxification, they healed me when no medical system worked. A�The biggest barrier to health is digestive stress- and its cumulative. A�Regular detox through short and long water fasts and raw is my mantra. I am a lot more trusting of self healing today.

2. Deep Rest:A�Goes beyond sleep which varies in rest intensity- a night routine of wind down allows for shorter time in REM. A�The sea and the forest healed me as much as the fasting and Panchkarma. A�I can’t emphasise the healing power of pranayama, jal neti and yoga enough.

3. Stressors: A�Disconnect from self, emotional turmoils, unresolved issues, overthinking, overeating… there are so many stressors that create disease. A�I am more aware of my stressors now and feel calm just knowing this. A�Stress is becoming the theme of my next book.

4. Yoga Nidra: This powerful tool that i learnt at Bihar School of Yoga was finally practised and I see it’s potential big time. A�If A�you would like the guided recording of Swami Satyanand putting you into YN, I am happy to forward.

5. Present Moment Awareness:A�Finally I practised it for sometime everyday. A�What a ringside view of eternity. A�I am still at the threshold and look forward to deeper dives.

6. Minimalism:A�Was so happy living out of a bag for 60 days. A�My home feels too heavy and have been decluttering last few days. A�Things tie us down. A�We use such few things. A�If i count the things i haven’t touched in 3 years, the number will be over a 1000… Less is so so much more.

7. The elements: A�Sun bathing, plenty of water, contact with Nature and Earth, deep breathing, moving the body and emptying your mind= Health

So what was Panchkarma all about-here is Chris Lipp’s (fellow Panchkarmi) little ditty about it

Panchakarma its Day 1,

I’m sure this trip’s gonna be so much fun.

Oil massages and herbal steam,

The full treatment sounds like a dream.

Panchakarma its Day 2,

Cuisine is rice and vegi stew.

Taste is bland, ain’t so bad,

My body’ll be healthy and I’ll be glad.

Panchakarma it’s Day 3,

You know food is bad when beets are luxury.

Oil massages not what they seem,

buy lederle minocin Feels so rough and not so clean.

Panchakarma Days 4,5,6,

I’m drenched in oil and everything sticks.

And every night mosquitos swarm,

But dinner with friends makes it all feel warm.

Panchakarma it’s Day 9,

Started with drink from a cup of slime.

Soon enough my guts let loose,

Again and again and again and again…

Panchakarma it’s Day 10,

Don’t want to go through that again.

Got some oil up the “ooohh!”

And now my colon feels so cool.

Panchakarma it’s Day 11,

Water’s going up in the wrong direction.

But now my colon is spanking clean,

I feel light and my body lean.

Panchakarma Days 12 and 13,

My therapist is intimate with oiling my seam.

And now it’s coming to a close,

I’m feeling unadulterated down to my toes.

Going to take more care on what I feed,

No more panchakarma is what I need!




that’s him on the left




To your health and god bless her country Kerala!

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