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  • Panchkarma

    Healing lessons: Week 8

    With Panchkarma, my journey into healing in kerala ends – now to carry the lessons into Life with Old patterns and addictions! My lip is near healed, tongue even more so,…

  • Health

    Panchkarma and Pathayam : Week 7

    It’s been a good week of healing: my tongue which had oral lichen plants since moma��s passing, has almost healed- the central groove on the tongue is there but the colour…

  • Health

    Exploring Enervation : Week 6

    I had an interesting meeting with a Naturopathic doctor at the Varkala Nature cure hospital- the waiting list here is for months – and Dr Mercy answered the question that has…

  • Health

    Between Ekadashis : Week 4 & 5

    Ekadashi (11th day of moon) had me up at 3.30 and Rejilal, the manager of Organic Villa drove me to the beautiful 2000 year old temple where Janardhan diety was bathed…

  • Travel

    An Ekadashi to remember

    Touch and goA� I could not take my eyes off the spectacular emerald green at the hangout of the three- Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. A�In the…

  • Health

    Walks and worsenings: Week 3

    Health is not an easy kite to fly. All the gains of fasting are diminishing rapidly: starting with the lip and then the tongue. A�Infact the lip is back to status…

  • Travel

    Like cats, like china

    Through the night, rain had fallen and I would wake when it stopped. A�At six I noticed it seemed to taking a breather and I took off for what will turn…

  • Health

    Of Fasting & Fantasies: Week 2

    The herbal juices fast ended after five days and water fasting began this week. A�Perhaps the gradual move made the hunger pangs mild and manageable. A�I could do yoga till day…

  • Travel

    Time lapse in Fort Kochi

    In the 90’s, the town of Fort Kochi was a simple sleepy one lane street with large Dutch buildings, mostly yellow and white churches and lined with incredible large canopied trees.…