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  • Panchkarma

    Healing lessons: Week 8

    With Panchkarma, my journey into healing in kerala ends – now to carry the lessons into Life with Old patterns and addictions! My lip is near healed, tongue even more so,…

  • Health

    Exploring Enervation : Week 6

    I had an interesting meeting with a Naturopathic doctor at the Varkala Nature cure hospital- the waiting list here is for months – and Dr Mercy answered the question that has…

  • Health

    Of Fasting & Fantasies: Week 2

    The herbal juices fast ended after five days and water fasting began this week.  Perhaps the gradual move made the hunger pangs mild and manageable.  I could do yoga till day…

  • Natural beauty

    Reset to Nature: Week One

    Nature cure is my fresh attempt to heal my inflammation issues as I have grown very skeptical about allopathy (steroids and cortizone had not healed my lichen planus in years)  and…